Jennings has won $1.3 million

Ken Jennings, the software engineer from Salt Lake City who has shattered the records for winning on "Jeopardy!," won again in an episode televised Thursday. An update on his record-breaking run, which began June 2:

Consecutive shows as winner: 38

Money won Friday: $75,000

Money won to date: $1,321,660

Perspective: At the start of its 20th season last fall, "Jeopardy!" changed its longtime rule that said a champion must leave after five straight wins. Now a player stays until losing.

Hiatus: "Jeopardy" will air reruns now until Sept. 6, when Jennings returns to defend his championship again.

Previous records: Tom Walsh of Washington, D.C., won $184,900 over seven days last winter. Brad Rutter of Lancaster, Penn., earned a total of $1,155,102 after winning a Million Dollar Masters Tournament.

Final Jeopardy: Name two of four Shakespeare plays in which ghosts appear onstage. Jennings bet $23,600 and correctly answered "Hamlet" and "Richard III."

Quote: "Will it never end for this young man?" -- host Alex Trebek.