Anderson didn't receive a plea deal

Barry Bonds' personal trainer has joined
two other defendants in the BALCO steroids case and withdrawn his
motion to suppress evidence gathered in the investigation.

Greg Anderson withdrew his motion on Monday, the day before the
evidentiary hearing had been scheduled, said Luke Macaulay, a
spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office in San Francisco.

Macauley told ESPN.com's Tom Farrey that Anderson did not receive a plea deal so he is still a defendant in the case, along with BALCO founder Victor Conte and vice president James Valente.

Attempts to reach Anderson's attorney by ESPN.com were unsuccessful.

Conte and Valente dropped their challenge last Friday. The
defendants had been contesting the legality of the police raid of
the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative and Anderson's house, both in

Federal agents stated in court records that they seized
calendars and other documents detailing the use of steroids by
professional baseball players during the search of Anderson's home.
A federal agent wrote in court papers that, during the raid at
BALCO headquarters, "Conte openly acknowledged giving
testosterone-based cream, itself a steroid, to numerous
professional athletes."

The fourth defendant in the case, track coach Remi Korchemny,
was contesting the searches. Trial for all four is tentatively set
for Sept. 6.

In a related matter, sprinter Tim Montgomery arrived in San
Francisco on Monday for the start of his arbitration hearing
challenging a potential lifetime ban that the U.S. Anti-Doping
Agency recommended for his alleged use of banned substances.

Montgomery, who set the 100-meter world record in 2002, has
never tested positive for a banned substance. Still, USADA is
seeking to ban him from competition based on secret documents the
U.S. Senate obtained last year from the BALCO investigation and
then forwarded to the doping agency.

Montgomery is challenging USADA's recommendation before the
Court of Arbitration for Sport during a closed-door hearing in a
San Francisco office building that is expected to last several

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.