Senate calls sports leaders to testify on steroids

WASHINGTON -- The commissioners of Major League Baseball,
the National Football League, the National Basketball Association
and the National Hockey League have been called to testify about
their leagues' steroids policies before the Senate Commerce
Committee on Sept. 28.
Two proposed bills that would mandate drug-testing standards for
major pro sports have been introduced by Sens. John McCain,
R-Ariz., and Jim Bunning, R-Ky.
McCain will chair the hearing, and Bunning, a former major-league pitcher, will be invited as a guest member of the committee.
Witnesses are expected to include baseball commissioner Bud
Selig, baseball players' union head Donald Fehr, NFL commissioner
Paul Tagliabue, NFL players' union head Gene Upshaw, NBA
commissioner David Stern, NBA players' union head Billy Hunter and
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.