Simpson's lawyers say judge agrees to delay trial

LAS VEGAS -- A judge agreed to delay O.J. Simpson's trial on
armed robbery and kidnapping charges until September, defense
lawyers said Friday.

District Court Judge Jackie Glass agreed during a pre-hearing
meeting to give them more time to prepare for trial, said Yale
Galanter, attorney for Simpson, and John Moran Jr., attorney for
co-defendant Charles Ehrlich.

The judge agreed to start the trial Sept. 8, lawyers said.

But she refused to throw out kidnapping and robbery charges
against Simpson, Ehrlich and co-defendant Clarence "C.J."
Stewart. At a hearing, she heard arguments about whether Ehrlich
and Stewart should be tried separately, but had not yet ruled.

Simpson did not appear for the hearing, although Ehrlich and
Stewart were in attendance. Both declined comment while defense
lawyers and prosecutors met with the judge.

Simpson, Ehrlich and Stewart are accused of kidnapping and
robbing two sports collectibles dealers peddling Simpson
memorabilia at a Las Vegas hotel-casino in September.

They have pleaded not guilty to all charges, including
kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.
Convictions could bring life prison sentences with the possibility
of parole.