Report: BALCO founder Conte plans tell-all book on drug world

Victor Conte will amp up the sports world once again -- in a much different way, however.

According to the New York Daily News, the founder of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative is working on a tell-all book that he claims will spill the dirt on athletes and federal agents.

In July 2005, Conte pleaded guilty to two criminal counts related to distributing performance-enhancing drugs and received a four-month prison sentence followed by four months of house arrest. He was then on probation for two years, and according to the Daily News, his lawyers told him not to talk about his case.

Conte's probation ends on Monday, so he announced the working title of the new book -- "BALCO: The Straight Dope on Barry Bonds, Marion Jones and What We Can Do To Save Sports" -- and the scope of the work. It is slated for publication in September.

Working with author Nathan Jendrick, Conte promises "the dirt, the drugs, the doses, the names, dates and places, and a 'prescription' for a brighter future," according to the Daily News.

He told the newspaper that he is "ready to tell the world everything."

Besides the straight dope on his interactions with athletes, Conte said he will take on federal agent Jeff Novitzky, who uncovered the BALCO operation in 2003. According to the Daily News, Conte claims that Novitzky fabricated a confession by Conte and lied in court documents.

But Conte doesn't only plan to take on his adversaries. According to the Daily News he plans to take on drug use in sports.

"It was not long ago when Bug Selig was claiming that baseball didn't have a drug problem," Conte said, according to the newspaper. "The world certainly knows now that there has been a rampant use of drugs in sport for decades. The anti-doping programs in place are still inept and this contributes to the use-or-lose mentality of many athletes. I will continue to bring attention to the many loopholes that exist in the testing programs. Hopefully, one day athletes will be able to be clean and play on a level playing field at the same time.

"I see that I have the potential to make change -- I can do that."