HGH test would track use for up to two weeks

A Virginia company claims to have a urine-based test for human growth hormone that could be used to drug test athletes two weeks after its use, rather than 48 hours or less.

The company, Ceres Nanosciences, says the test eliminates the need for blood tests to detect HGH. Players' associations have pushed back on blood tests. Ceres says its test can be available within six months, through the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The story was first reported by the Washington Business Journal.

Current tests track HGH use only within the past 48 hours. The two-week test, and having it be urine-based, would theoretically make it harder for athletes to evade an HGH test.

A WADA spokesman said the organization is encouraging Ceres to continue researching the test. No worldwide studies have been conducted.