Colts win puts Streak for Cash player on cusp of winning $1M

Two streaks ended, but another player got to within one win of the magic 25 mark in ESPN's Streak for the Cash game on Sunday.

Greg Reynolds of Chico, Calif., reached 24 consecutive wins when the Indianapolis Colts beat the San Diego Chargers 23-20 on a last-second field goal. If he selects the winner in his next game and is the only player with 25 straight wins at the end of the day, he wins the $1 million first prize. A loss knocks him out.

Earlier Sunday, Reynolds got to 23 wins when the Baltimore Ravens routed the Philadelphia Eagles 36-7.

Faith in the Carolina Panthers ended two other streaks on Sunday.

A 45-28 loss to the Atlanta Falcons crushed
Jordan Fulkerson of Louisville, Ky. He went with the Panthers for his 25th straight win, which would have put him at the magic number to win the grand prize. Katie Kaufmann of Minneapolis also went with the Panthers for what would have been her 24th straight win with one more chance to pick a game later Sunday.

Kaufmann could have claimed the $1 million prize if she had won the Panthers-Falcons game, then correctly picked either the Connecticut-South Florida college football game or the Indianapolis-San Diego NFL game. The tiebreaker if two players reach 25 wins on the same day is winning percentage; Kaufmann, who had lost only three times heading into the 23-game streak, would have topped Fulkerson.

Reynolds' streak began Oct. 24 when Stardom Bound won the Juvenile Fillies in the Breeders Cup. He got a second horse racing win when Zenyatta won the Ladies Classic.

Reynolds won two games Saturday (Clemson and Boston College). He's won nine times with college football picks. He also picked up a win with Brock Lesnar over Randy Couture in MMA on Nov. 15.

He nearly lost his streak on Nov. 14 with a push (Allen Iverson had 29 points and four assists to match Kobe Bryant's 29 points).

Fulkerson got to 24 wins on Saturday when he successfully picked Boston College to beat Wake Forest. He did not pick a game in the later time slot. Kaufmann got to 23 wins when Oregon State beat Arizona in the last second on Saturday night. Neither she nor Fulkerson picked in the 1 p.m. ET NFL slot of games.

Scott Conant, who had 23 wins heading into Saturday, lost his streak when he picked Wake Forest to beat Boston College.