Backup plan: Hope Solo

Hope Solo, serving mojitos instead of stopping shots. Taylor Castle

This article appeared as part of a package in the June 29 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

I'd like to run a restaurant, but I've never worked in one before. I've actually never had a job besides playing soccer. I can't believe how organized this type of operation is. The Thai Chicken pizza is my favorite, so it was fun to make that. Getting the pizza onto the tray and into the oven is much harder than I thought, plus you have to wear a stopwatch to make sure the cooking is just right. Serving was stressful because the computer system is really intense -- so many buttons. It didn't help that my teammates showed up and booed me when I forgot their drinks. I was definitely most at home at the hostess stand and making mojitos behind the bar. I can see myself behind the bar after my soccer career is over. One place you won't find me: loading dishes. Nasty.

The Review

"She was a natural. I'd hire her tomorrow if she ever decided to leave soccer."

-- Doug Doyle, regional director of CPK