Backup plan: Conor Jackson

Conor Jackson, doing his thing for daytime. Ben Kaller

To see a video of Conor Jackson on General Hospital, please go here.

This article appeared as part of a package in the June 29 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

My dad, John Jackson, has been a character actor for more than 20 years, so majoring in theater at Berkeley made sense for me. And I like being around cameras, unlike most of the D-backs. All my buddies laughed when I said I was doing a soap, but I took it seriously. I was playing a physical therapist. Chad Qualls and Brandon Webb helped me rehearse my three lines. Webb was terrible; Qualls was phenomenal. I was still ­practicing at 6 a.m. the morning of the shoot while getting coffee at the hotel. One of my lines was, "That's plenty for today." The guy behind me thought I was talking to myself. On the set, I got a little more nervous than I anticipated. After makeup and wardrobe, I was sweating. But I must say, I was pretty impressed with how I did. I did the first scene in one take. Maybe there's a Daytime Emmy in my future?.

The Review

"He was cool as a cucumber. It's obvious he put the work in. He got all of his lines right."

-- Leslie Charleson, 21-year veteran of the show