Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 21

Last Year's Rank: 88
Title Track: 53
Ownership: 9
Coaching: 24
Players: 13
Fan Relations: 5
Affordability: 37
Stadium Experience: 17

Bang for the Buck: 68

Who'd a thunk it: a believable Rocky sequel. Because two years ago, the movie title this destitute franchise in 118th place called to mind was Blackhawk Way Down. The team filled just 60% of the United Center and only six home games were televised. Then -- cue "Eye of the Tiger" -- along came Dollar Bill's son Rocky Wirtz to lift the spirit of a despondent following. Now these seats are hot. With attendance up 43%, the Hawks are the NHL's king of the turnstiles, supplanting the Habs for the first time since 2002. So what gives? "There's the little things, like getting Pat Foley back in the TV booth," says Matthew Dirt from secondcityhockey.com. And "getting Hull, Mikita, Tony-O and now Savard involved with the team, and, of course, giving us all hope that players like Toews, Keith and Kane will be around for a long while." Other quantifiable evidence of the team's turnaround is equally impressive: 8,000-plus fans showed up to the first fan convention in July, and 40,818 cheered hip-checks on New Year's Day at Wrigley. "At the fan convention I saw people lining up to shake Rocky's hand and just say thank you," says Dirt. "If there's a better image that shows the change in attitude, I can't think of it." Okay, Matt, sold. Now we see Shia LaBeouf playing the role of Toews.