Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 107

Last Year's Rank: 65
Title Track: 27
Ownership: 64
Coaching: 83
Players: 81
Fan Relations: 101
Affordability: 121
Stadium Experience: 84
Bang for the Buck: 119

How do you replace a legend? You don't. That's what fans are saying about the new Yankee Stadium, which ranked a surprising 37 spots lower than Babe's house did a year ago. (Among outdoor AL parks, only Oakland's, Minny's and Tampa's rated worse!) Sure, the new crib has double-wide concourses that circle the park. Yeah, the seats have as many as 10 inches more legroom, and the 101-foot-wide scoreboard is seven times larger than its predecessor. Plus there's a Hard Rock Cafe and cupholders and family bathrooms. So what's missing? A certain je ne sais quoi. "It just doesn't have that same feel," says Ben Kabak of fansite RiverAveBlues.com. In fact, the only feeling most fans have is the need to knock off a bank to pay for a date with the Bombers: For the price of an average Yanks ticket ($72.97, up 76% and the most in baseball by more than 20 bucks), you could buy five -- count 'em, five -- average seats (a lot more if you were going for the cheapos) at a D-backs game. Steak sandwiches for $15 from Lobel's don't cut the mustard either. Yes, it's tough replacing a legend. And right now the sound filling Yankee Stadium isn't the actual Voice of God (retired PA announcer Bob Sheppard) but an honest-to-goodness Bronx cheer.