Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 9

Last Year's Rank: 2
Title Track: 14
Ownership: 2
Coaching: 1
Players: 4
Fan Relations: 2
Affordability: 13
Stadium Experience: 50
Bang for the Buck: 37

Value. It's what the Spurs are all about. Just ask Peter Holt, the team's beloved owner. His family moved to town in 1933 so great uncle William Holt could open a Caterpillar dealership. Twelve years ago, Peter introduced the Spurs to the same Values Based Leadership model he pioneered as CEO of Holt Cat. Since then, his franchise has won four championships and owns the best winning ­percentage in all of pro sports (.703). As if that weren't enough, Spurs spurrers get added value thanks to the Sombrilla, an outdoor patio behind Section 115. This season, the festive space started playing host to Overtime, a regular postgame fiesta that features bands (local acts such as Metal Shop, Rat Ranch and Radio Star); ballers (alums such as Sean Elliott and The Iceman); and babes (hooray for the Bud Light Girls). But wait … there's more! Through the second round of the playoffs, which San Antonio has reached each of the past eight seasons (oops—make that eight of the past nine seasons), fans get postsesason tickets for regular-season prices. Hey, their hearts were in the right place. There's value in that, right?