Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 103

Last Year's Rank: 105
Title Track: 91
Ownership: 78
Coaching: 45
Players: 68
Fan Relations: 81
Affordability: 115
Stadium Experience: 113
Bang for the Buck: 107

Tom Brady's downfall, coupled with a free agent frenzy and some Brett Favre magic, had metro fans dreaming of a Subway Super Bowl last season, or at least a playoff appearance. So pity the 82,540 per game who agonized through a 1–4 finish. Still, don't pin this sorry ranking entirely on No. 4's 22 INTs. Misery is part of the Jet fan's experience. "There's a reason why, historically, tailgating has been one of the most fun parts of my gameday experience," says Brian Bassett of thejetsblog.com. "It has to do only with the fans and not the stadium or product on the field. Heading into the stadium and looking up at the name Giants Stadium doesn't start things off well; the hallways are dank and impassable, the food options are uninspired and overpriced and I've attended a lot more losses than wins during my tenure as a fan." The new $1.6 billion joint stadium, due in 2010, should ease some of the pain, but the price of improvement will come out of fans pockets in the form of $7.75 brew and personally licensed seats (the first 620 chairs fetched $16 million). If that doesn't drive fans to summon their inner Bruce Banner, management offers financing options at 6.5% or 8%, a vig that Johnny Sack's crew would call cruel and unusual. Then again, if any fan base can handle cruel and unusual, it's this one.