Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 120

Last Year's Rank: 121
Title Track: 113
Ownership: 99
Coaching: 58
Players: 108
Fan Relations: 112

Affordability: 122
Stadium Experience: 101

Bang for the Buck: 120

This season marked the Leafs' 41st consecutive one without a Cup and fourth straight outside the playoffs, as new GM Brian Burke sifted through the rubble of predecessors John Ferguson Jr. and Cliff Fletcher. But the Leafs' position as hockey's lowest-ranked franchise is the result of more than mere on-ice failure. Sure, the team boasts the NHL's most expensive ducat ($75.14, more than 50% higher than the $49.51 league average), and sure, Air Canada Centre was filled to 102.7% capacity this season. But the exorbitant cost of tickets and parking ($17.19, among the league's highest) freezes out passionate fans, leaving suits to pack the place. "Most of the best seats are property of corporations and institutions, and what's left are held by either long-term season ticket-holders or bought up by scalpers," says Sean McIndoe of the popular Leafs blog Down Goes Brown. To see the real blue-bleeders, McIndoe adds, "watch a game in Buffalo or Ottawa, where Leafs fans take over the entire building." And pay 40% less to watch their team lose.