Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 92

Last Year's Rank: 92
Title Track: 57
Ownership: 94
Coaching: 76
Players: 70
Fan Relations: 82
Affordability: 118
Stadium Experience: 99
Bang for the Buck: 74

That 118th rank in Affordability is well earned: the $35 parking, the $79 average ticket, $7 beer, $5 red hot. For all that gelt you'd expect a little glitz. Say the folks at Hogshaven.com: "For the amount of money spent by fans, you would expect a state-of-the-art screen like the one 30 minutes away in Baltimore." Thanks to owner Dan Snyder's partnering with StubHub, some fans sell their tickets to big games (Monday and Sunday night football) to offset their costs. The weekly sellout crowd of 88,604 love their team, but when you charge through the nose -- and don't give a skin whom the money comes from -- sometimes you get what you charge for. Like the Monday night game against Pittsburgh, when thousands of Terrible Towels turned FedEx Field into an away game, forcing Jason Campbell to employ the silent count. Oh boy. We hear you, Skins fans. Problem is, nobody calling the shots does.