Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 98

Last Year's Rank: 35
Title Track: 98
Ownership: 60
Coaching: 94
Players: 103
Fan Relations: 105
Affordability: 98
Stadium Experience: 104
Bang for the Buck: 62

No doubt last November's election has Washington hoopheads wishing they had the power to elect their coach rather than have him appointed by the Ernie-o-cracy. Alas, no such luck, which means that Wizards fans had to put up with lame-duck interim Ed Tapscott. Despite being a DC native (like pink-slipped predecessor Eddie Jordan) and American University law school alum, the former front-office exec and first-time NBA coach got rock-bottom approval ratings from Verizon votaries who knew their team was toast and would rather see youth served (more minutes for Javaris Crittenton, Nick Young, JaVale McGee) and age reserved (more pine time for Mike James). "Tap is trying to save face," says forum member Simp on Wizardsextreme.com, "and it's just making him look like a bigger idiot." Replacement Flip Saunders is an upgrade -- it is the off-season; nevertheless, the buzz is gone at 6th and F (save for the nightly Chipotle burrito giveaway), replaced by a splash. That'd be the sound of a 63-spot belly flop, second-worst among all 122 teams in our countdown.