Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 86

Last Year's Rank: 28
Title Track: 90
Ownership: 91
Coaching: 87
Players: 88
Fan Relations: 80
Affordability: 86
Stadium Experience: 88
Bang for the Buck: 61

As Suns basketball grows less popular, the blame game has become the newest local pastime. Axing popular coach Mike D'Antoni and roster remakes keep most fingers pointed in GM Steve Kerr's direction, fair or not. "A surprisingly large number of people seem to feel [despite many public statements to the contrary] that Kerr forced that [Shaq] trade on D'Antoni, and Kerr's trying to remake the Suns in the Spurs' image is to blame," notes Bright Side of the Sun's Phoenix Stan. "People were more invested in D'Antoni and the brilliance that was Steve Nash at his peak than the success of the Suns." Tweak those fans' priorities all you want, but the team they knew and loved made a playoff push every year except the coach's rookie outing. This season? 82-and-done. So who can blame fans for turning sour? They were asked to pay the league's fifth-highest ticket ($64.16) and Andrew Jackson parking (all part of a 12.7% season cost increase, third highest in the NBA) all for the privilege of watching their team try to get back to where they were. The tweets posted by Shaq, dealt to the Cavs in late June, were more entertaining and certainly less stressful, and you could follow them at home for free.