Browser FAQ

Why is ESPN.com no longer supporting my web browser?
To continue to offer the best online sports experience to the majority of our fans, we have decided to support those modern web browsers that are most widely used. ESPN.com is specifically tailored to work on these browsers, and we strive to deliver the most optimal browsing experience to make sure our website works correctly. If you are currently using an unsupported browser you may be encountering unexpected issues or may not be receiving the full intended experience of ESPN.com.

What browsers does ESPN.com support?
As of this writing, ESPN.com supports the following browsers:

Supported Browsers

Wait, what is a web browser?
The window you are reading this in is your web browser. A browser is a piece of software on your computer that fetches and displays web pages. A modern browser can display pages faster than an older browser, even on older computers. A modern browser also has features that let us create a better browsing experience - and a better ESPN.com - for you. While most computers today ship with a default browser installed, there are also many free alternatives available for download on the Internet. For more information about browsers, please visit WhatBrowser.org.

I tried to upgrade my browser and my computer says I can't.
Your computer's operating system may be restricting you from upgrading to the latest version of your browser. If you cannot upgrade to a more recent version of your current browser, you may be able to install a free alternative like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera. All of these options will provide a better browsing experience, are available on a variety of operating systems, and include many of the same features - including the same security settings - as default browsers.

I cannot install any software on my work computer.
If possible, encourage your IT department to upgrade your browser or install an alternative browser for you. If you use the Internet for work, a modern browser will allow you to work more efficiently and securely than an older browser.

I cannot upgrade, I cannot install an alternative browser and I need my sports fix!
Never fear! While you may have a slower, degraded experience, you should still be able to access most of our content in an unsupported browser. If you still find ESPN.com to be unusable on an unsupported browser, consider using ESPN.com on your mobile device.