Howard Bryant charges to be dropped

Massachusetts authorities and ESPN.com columnist Howard Bryant reached an agreement Friday to drop the charges stemming from a February incident in which Bryant was arrested and accused of domestic assault and resisting arrest.

"A careful review of all of the statements of percipient witnesses that have been collected do not support allegations that Mr. Bryant struck, choked, pinned [his wife, Veronique] against a car, or inflicted violence upon her," according to an agreement signed by Jeremy C. Bucci, chief trial counsel in the Northwestern District Attorney's office for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and by Bryant's lawyer, Buz Eisenberg.

Bryant, 42, who denied the allegations in the days after his arrest, released a statement Friday, saying: "Having always maintained my innocence of these charges, I'm gratified that the Commonwealth has determined that all allegations against me are unsubstantiated. I look forward to devoting full attention to my top priorities, my family and my work."

The agreement calls for the case to be resolved after a continuance of six months.

"Mr. Bryant is innocent of all charges and this disposition reflects that," Eisenberg said in a statement.

Bryant, who writes for ESPN.com and is a frequent panelist on "The Sports Reporters," had pleaded not guilty Feb. 28 in Greenfield (Mass.) District Court to charges of domestic assault and battery, assault and battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest.

Bryant had been arrested Feb. 26 in front of a pizza parlor in Buckland, a town of 2,500 in western Massachusetts.