No. 98: Oakland Athletics

Last year's rank: 84
Title track: 60
Ownership: 121
Coaching: 84
Players: 77
Fan relations: 110
Affordability: 20
Stadium experience: 120
Bang for the buck: 54

The Oakland Athletics have ranked dead last in MLB attendance two of the past three seasons. The one year they didn't was 2010 ... when they were second to last. And even though Oakland is having one of the most surprising seasons in the majors, it's no shock that fans aren't lining up to sit in a stadium ranked third worst in sports and give money to the second-most loathed owner in America. That owner, Lew Wolff, has been looking to relocate from Oakland's Coliseum to a new ballpark in San Jose. But that's Giants territory, and the NL team isn't ceding anything to the A's as of now. If Wolff doesn't get a 75 percent owners vote to overturn the Giants' decision, he'll be stuck in Oakland with a stadium lease that expires after the 2013 season and a fan base that can't stand him.