No. 79: Toronto Blue Jays

Last year's rank: 63
Title track: 48
Ownership: 78
Coaching: 67
Players: 55
Fan relations: 75
Affordability: 74

Stadium experience: 112
Bang for the buck: 82

Not even Jose Bautista's 43-homer surge last season could help the Toronto Blue Jays. About to miss the playoffs for the 19th straight season, the franchise dropped 16 spots in this year's standings, ranking 79th overall and 20th in baseball. Affordability is where the team fell the most, dropping 19 spots and ranking 21st in the majors despite the average ticket price, $24.81, being 8 percent cheaper than the major league average. Fans also voted the Blue Jays below average in their willingness to pay to attract quality players and coaches, which resulted in a stadium ranking of 112, the team's worst rating and the fourth consecutive year the Rogers Centre has received a 100-plus mark. While game day took the crown for worst in 2012, fans voted the Jays in the bottom half of baseball in eight of the nine categories. It's not 1993 anymore, and the flame from winning back-to-back World Series championships has dimmed to a flicker. Where have you gone, Joe Carter? A city turns its lonely eyes to you.