No. 121: Sacramento Kings

Last year's rank: 119
Title track: 120
Ownership: 122
Coaching: 104
Players: 111 (tie)
Fan relations: 120
Affordability: 104
Stadium experience: 121
Bang for the buck: 99

How does a franchise come to feature the worst-ranked ownership in the Big Four? By following the Maloof family blueprint. In a nutshell, it all revolves around a lack of commitment. Financially, the Maloofs have ponied up one of the NBA's lowest payrolls for three consecutive seasons, which has resulted in few solid complementary players for the franchise's young faces, who have been disappointing themselves. We're looking at you Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmer Fredette. The Maloofs have also devoted little money to the upkeep of Power Balance Pavilion, a structure best put out to pasture. "It's fallen into a good bit of disrepair and has almost no modern amenities outside of plumbing and electricity," says Tom Ziller of sactownroyalty.com. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and the league worked overtime to arrive at a solution for a new building that will keep the franchise in the state capital, but once again there was a snag, with the Maloofs front and center. Safe to say, the Kings faithful has lost patience. "In short, the fans are extraordinarily sick of the Maloofs," says Ziller. "They have tried to leave Sacramento, killed an arena plan that the NBA supported and that Sacramento got approved by the politicians, and they have not spent to maintain their arena or build a competitive team. If the Maloofs sold tomorrow, I think fan sentiment would spike immediately."