Michael Leighton flies to the top

When it comes to the NHL playoffs, there's nothing more valuable than having a red-hot goalie ... just ask the Blackhawks and Flyers. The two most ferocious goalies from the NHL conference finals -- Michael Leighton and Antti Niemi -- will also be the two goalies headed to the Stanley Cup finals. Coincidence? We don't think so. That's why Leighton and Niemi rock the top two most powerful spots on the rankings this week.

Yet does Niemi deserve to be higher than Leighton because of the degree of difficulty of shutting down the Sharks' offense? Has the scoring machine that is Dustin Byfuglien been more of a force than even Niemi? And where do the NBA playoff stars and UEFA Champions League final players fit into the mix? Let the discussion begin!

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All-Star ESPN panel: John Buccigross, Josh Elliott, Robert Flores, DJ Gallo, Jemele Hill, Dana Jacobson, Brian Kenny, Jeff MacGregor, Bram Weinstein and Trey Wingo.

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2010-11 Power Rankings: Week 5

Last five out: Miguel Cabrera, Simon Gagne, LeBron James, Michael Rogers, Evan Longoria

Newcomers: Dustin Byfuglien (No. 3), Diego Milito (No. 5), Jonathan Toews (No. 7)

Notable dropouts: Didier Drogba (No. 11), Jaroslav Halak (No. 18), Roy Halladay (No. 19)