by DJ Gallo

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    Odds on the Name of Tiger Woods' First Child:
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  • 1 Boise State ruins it for all future underdogs

    Boise State received a begrudging invite to the BCS party and, not only did the Broncos accept it, but then they went and beat a marquee program from a supposed power conference. Where's the gratitude, Broncos? Embarrass the BCS like that again and you won't be asked back. The next time the BCS tosses you a bone, you best not use it to shank them.

  • 2 Playoffs? You want to talk about playoffs?

    Those who advocate a playoff system in Division I-A college football will point to Boise State's win as further evidence that the BCS system should be scrapped. And it's a logical argument. An undefeated team should be allowed to play for the national championship. But therein lies the problem: it's an argument that makes sense. The university presidents who keep the BCS going clearly don't trade in things that make sense. Now, have a magical talking unicorn who is fluent in Vulcan speak to them about a playoff system and you might be closer to their wavelength. It would also help if the magical talking unicorn had a huge check tacked to his horn.

  • 3 USC's Rose Bowl victory could help in recruiting

    USC was clearly better than Michigan in every way -- offense, defense and special teams. The Trojans even handed it to Michigan in the unlikability department, as Pete Carroll and Dwayne Jarrett put on a clinic on how to strut and preen. Lloyd Carr had it the worst, though, as he was incapable of lasting even 20 hours before breaking his New Year's resolution to stop losing big games. Where's the willpower, Lloyd?

  • 4 Quickly discarding the disposable bowls

    • Outback Bowl: Penn State beat Tennessee with some help from the Old Man in the Sky. (No, not God. The other one: Joe Paterno.)
    • Cotton Bowl: Auburn's 17-14 snoozefest victory over Nebraska gave weary New Year's revelers an opportunity to nap. Thanks, fellas!
    • Gator Bowl: West Virginia's spread offense overcame an 18-point deficit to Georgia Tech -- a deficit the Mountaineers earned with their trademark spread defense.
    • Capital One Bowl: Wisconsin knocked off Arkansas, as Wisconsinites said goodbye to a quarterback who has actually been successful the past few years.

  • 5 Hey, Knight! Congratulations

    So Bob Knight has passed Dean Smith for the most all-time coaching victories in Division I men's basketball? Great -- we're one day into 2007 and already evil is triumphing over good. I think we're doomed. In all seriousness, though, congratulations to Knight. I'm sure it must be very gratifying for him to break the record. But not nearly as gratifying as it would be for him to break a player's nose.

  • 6 Arizona cans his a**

    The Arizona Cardinals have fired Dennis Green after he won just 16 games in three years. (Apparently 16 wins in three years is not a Cardinals franchise record. Who knew?) So who will Arizona look to next? I say it should cater to the wishes of its franchise quarterback. Currently his top three choices are: (3) Norm Chow, who was his offensive coordinator at USC; (2) Pete Carroll, who was his head coach at USC; and (1) Britney Spears, who doesn't wear underwear and is cool getting with guys who already have a kid.

  • 7 The coach killer strikes again

    Jim Mora Jr. is out in Atlanta. But Michael Vick isn't to blame. No, it was a self-inflicted wound that did Mora in. Few people realize this, but incompetence is to blame for 90 percent of all coaching deaths. It's true.

Tuesday January 2

  • 1 Indiana at No. 6 Ohio State: 8 pm, ESPN

    This is Greg Oden's first Big Ten game, and I guarantee it will be one of the top 16 conference games he'll ever play. So be sure to watch.

  • 2 Orange Bowl, Louisville vs. Wake Forest: 8:15 pm, FOX

    Louisville really has no chance against the Atlantic Coast Conference champs, because I recall hearing that the ACC is a great football conference now.

  • 3 Sixers at Nuggets: 9 pm, NBA League Pass

    Allen Iverson is now a Nugget, but not much has changed for the Sixers: They'll be on the same court with Iverson, but he still won't pass to them.