Serena Williams: certified nail technician?

Thu, Feb 18
Serena WilliamsAP Photo/Fabian Bimmer"No one likes getting their nails done more than I do," Serena Williams wrote in her blog.

If this whole tennis thing doesn't pan out, Serena Williams has quite a career backup plan.

Buffing hands and feet.

In between winning Grand Slam events, Williams is going to be completing the required 240 hours of "coursework" to become a certified nail technician in Florida, according to her blog on Global Grind.

"No one likes getting their nails done more than I do," Williams wrote in her blog. "As a matter of fact I go every four days to get a manicure and every seven days for a pedicure. So, I had a brilliant idea to get certified to be a nail tech."

What's next -- Kobe Bryant learning to be a barber?

Rafael Nadal as the next Zohan?

If you read Williams' blog, it's clear that she's taking her new craft seriously. She wrote that she purchased a new Hello Kitty backpack -- I guess a Trapper Keeper wasn't available -- to hold her school supplies. She even posted photos of herself dressed in blue scrubs and giving someone a French pedicure.

"I've never done French, but I was determined to not butcher it," Williams wrote. "Luckily, thanks to my weekly pedicures I took my time and it came out great."

Nice to know Williams is doing her part not to think post-tennis.