Page 2 offers Ole Miss some mascot suggestions

Wed, Feb 24

On Tuesday, the University of Mississippi students voted to find a new sports mascot to replace Colonel Reb, who was discontinued in 2003, and a student committee soon will propose a new one.

Lots of buzz on the Internet about the campaign for Admiral Ackbar, a character in the Star Wars fictional universe. A website honoring the admiral is offering full support.

Page 2, which covered the mascot mess in 2003, thinks that's a pretty cool idea, but it won't happen.

The school will keep the Rebel nickname, but we have the real list of 10 characters in the running for mascot.

Elvis Presley
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesOle Miss is looking for a new mascot. We have some ideas.

1. Ole Miss Casinos

2. Ole Miss Delta Burkes

3. Ole Miss Moon Pies

4. Ole Miss Independents

5. Ole Miss Queens

6. Ole Miss Oprahs

7. Ole Miss Another BCS Bowl

8. Ole Miss Magnolias

9. Ole Miss Congeniality

10. Ole Miss Fat Elvises