Are NFL throwbacks getting out of hand?

Tue, May 4

The NFL is on a serious nostalgia kick. Last season all the original AFL franchises wore throwbacks.

This year some of the league's oldest and most storied teams are trotting out their own retro attire. The Packers unveiled their 1929 throwbacks in March, and last month Bears announced plans to honor the old Monsters of the Midway with this throwback set.

The capper came Monday, when the Eagles unveiled a set of kelly green throwbacks to mark the 50th anniversary of the team's 1960 championship. (For further details on the Philly design, look here.)

NFL teams are only allowed to wear alternate or throwback uniforms for two of their regular season games. But given the length of the football season, that's the equivalent of 20 baseball games, or one-quarter of your team's home games.

Is that too much? Is the throwback thing getting out of hand? Post a comment and let us know what you think.