We ask you for new nickname for New Jersey Nets

Mon, May 24

Give New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov credit for imagination and flexibility. It takes imagination to spend $200 million on the Nets and it takes flexibility to consider a new nickname from just about anywhere.

Such as coming from you -- but we'll get to that in a moment.

Knowing how to impress the media, Prokhorov recently invited a small group of reporters to the Four Seasons for lunch. After addressing new business by kicking GM Kiki Vandeweghe to the curb, the impressive Russian owner turned to the media for advice.

"What about the name of the team? Is it OK, the Nets?" he asked, "Or do we have to find something new?

"I can put Russian name and nobody knows what it is," he said. "I can put the name of a girlfriend and every time I change, I need to change the name of the team."

Now that's fascinating. Imagine a team that opened as the New Jersey Natashas and closed as the New Jersey Jelenas.

That may not be practical -- although they could keep selling a lot of jerseys.

Anyway, if a billionaire is willing to take name suggestions from the media, surely he is willing to take them from you. That's right, we are calling for you to create this Thursday's Top Ten List of New Names for the Nets.

Immediate disqualification: New Jersey Nyets. Already heard that a thousand times.

Other than that, the list is open. Choose a name that honors or ridicules the team or the state or the NBA itself. Just be clever and not outright dirty. Send one or more suggestions to me at osogreene@aol.com between now and noon Wednesday. Include your first name, last initial and where you live.

Mikhail Prokhorov will thank you.