World Cup needs a more significant trophy

Tue, Jun 15

World Cup is the tournament with a perfect name.

Jewel Samad/Getty ImagesDon't you think the FIFA World Cup trophy should be larger to signify its importance?

It's played on the perfect stage with the perfect time lapse between tournaments.

It's played with the perfect combination of passion and pressure.

It's played with the perfect following around the world.

Why does it not have the perfect trophy?

The FIFA World Cup Trophy is small.

The gold looks Mr. T-ish, like they melted down his '80s collection and put it on a kiln.

And it weighs less than 12 lbs. Nelson Mandela at 92 can still lift it over his head.

FIFA needs to take a serious look into this.

Take a look at the Stanley Cup and rethink their whole FIFA World Cup trophy thing.

Because in the lexicon of trophy-ism, the Lord Stanley's Cup is the end-all-be-all of trophies.

It is the size of Shaq and worth its weight in silver and alloy. Let Mandela try to lift a Stanley Cup.