Sean Payton very revealing in book 'Home Team'

Mon, Jun 28

Which Sean Payton would come through in his book "Home Team: Coaching the Saints and New Orleans Back to Life"?

The NFL head coach who gives very vanilla answers to the media during the season?

Or the guy who loves to have a drink or two and hang out with friends or family?

"I told Coach that to sell this book he needed to write it like he really is and not the one he puts out there for the public to see, using coach-speak," said co-author Ellis Henican, who is a columnist for the newspaper Newsday in New York. "Sean really is a funny guy and that comes out in this book."

The book, available online and in stores, tells the story of Payton's rise through the coaching ranks, what the city of New Orleans has meant to him and what it's like inside the locker room of the Saints. It's not just about beating the Indianapolis Colts in February's Super Bowl.

"I didn't want to write another winning on the field book or about modern-day leadership. That's B.S.," said Payton, who spent six weeks with Henican after the Super Bowl to craft the stories. "I wanted to write a book about the stories, ones that you sit around and tell your friends."

Here are a few, retold to Page 2 by Payton and his friends:

Payton and his Saints really wanted to draft versatile running back Reggie Bush in the 2006 NFL draft with the No. 2 pick. The Houston Texans had drafted lineman Mario Williams at No. 1, and the Saints were up.

But Bush's marketing agent Mike Ornstein kept telling Payton that Bush didn't want to play in New Orleans and that the New York Jets, who had the fourth pick, were where Bush, highly touted out of USC, wanted to be.

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