LeBron James' Twitter account is rocketing up

Wed, Jul 7

With LeBron James finally giving in and signing up for a Twitter account, it might be interesting to see how quickly his number of followers grow (especially as the suspense of where he will eventually sign continues to mount). As of noon Wednesday, James has 235,000 followers, despite just starting his account Tuesday afternoon. But James still has a ways to go if he wants to consider himself the top dog -- at least in the eyes of the Twitter world. The title of "Most Followed Athlete" currently belongs to his former teammate, Shaquille O'Neal, who is nearing the 3-million mark in terms of followers.

Most Followed Athletes on Twitter:

NameScreen nameFollowers (in millions)
Shaquille O'Neal@the_real_shaq 2.98 million
Lance Armstrong@LanceArmstrong 2.56 million
Tony Hawk @TonyHawk 2.13 million
Serena Williams@serenajwilliams1.68 million
Dwight Howard@DwightHoward 1.61 million

As an aside, here's the most followed on Twitter: Britney Spears, 5.28 million; Ashton Kutcher, 5.21 million; Ellen DeGeneres, 4.82 million; Lady Gaga, 4.81 million and Barack Obama, 4.48 million.