Help Page 2 find top trash talkers of all time

Mon, Nov 8

Trash talking -- immature behavior, verbal art form or a little bit of both?

And whom are the all-time greatest trash talkers in sports? That's our question for you to answer this week by sending your pick -- along with a brief sample of his best work -- to me at As usual, please include your first name, initial of your last name and your location.

Kevin Garnett and Charlie Villanueva
Brian Babineau/Getty ImagesKevin Garnett and Charlie Villanueva's trash-talking escalated to the interwebs.

We're thinking about this because of last week's brew-hah-hah between Charlie Villanueva of the Detroit Pistons and Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics.

Garnett makes a point out of not using Twitter but that didn't stop Villanueva, who tweeted that Garnett had crossed the trash-talking line of fair play by calling him a "cancer patient." Garnett denied the accusation, saying he has simply called Villanueva "a cancer" on his team.

See how sophisticated trash talking can be?

We're talking all-time and all sports. Don't forget boxing, for sure. Pro baseball, pro football, NASCAR and everything else, so there is a lot of trash talking to choose from. How about coaches along with athletes? And are there any women that deserve nominating, especially if we count trash talking a line judge?

MMA fans, you got any examples? Does pro wrestling count? That's up to you.

We need to know. Whom are the Top Ten All-Time Greatest Trash Talkers in Sports? Once again, send your picks with brief examples (that are clean enough to print) to with your first name, initial of your last name and your location.

You have until noon Wednesday and look for the list here Thursday.