Can you guess the plots of the holiday movies?

Wed, Dec 15

What with so much going on, it's hard for a sports fan to be able to take five minutes to learn about the latest holiday movies. Of course, they're all about sports. Take our word for it. So here's a little primer about what the plot lines could be. Pick the one you like. You may be right (but don't bet on it):

"127 Hours"

  1. The story of just one baseball playoff game this season;
  2. A 100-meter race between Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers;
  3. The 2010 college bowl season.

Bruce Bochy
AP Photo/David ZalubowskiBruce Bochy's cranium is substantial.


  1. Inside the giant (really, it's huge) skull of Giants manager Bruce Bochy;
  2. On the genius of the Eagles to sign Michael Vick;
  3. The title of Bill Belichick's autobiography.


  1. The Red Sox go to the winter meetings;
  2. Ndamukong Suh gets his hands on somebody. Anybody;
  3. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in the open court.


  1. Cam Newton's dad tries to help his son find a college;
  2. Brett Favre trips over his long, gray beard.
  3. The story of the BCS ... every ... single ... year.


  1. Michigan QB Denard Robinson gets into the secondary;
  2. Oregon's quack attack offense in full flight;
  3. Phillies dash in, snatch Cliff Lee from Yanks and Rangers.