Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez host Disney XD weekend

Fri, Feb 18

Twin brothers and pro basketball players Brook and Robin Lopez join twin teen stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse to host a weekend-long programming event -- "Biggest Fan Weekend" -- on Disney XD.

The Sprouse twins ("The Suite Life on Deck" and "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody") are avid basketball fans and have followed the careers of the 7-footers.

Brook Lopez (New Jersey Nets) and Robin Lopez (Phoenix Suns) join the growing list of sports figures populating Disney XD, the multiplatform brand for kids ages 6-14 that targets boys and their quest for discovery, adventure and humor.

Among the other sports figures who have guest starred on Disney XD are skateboarding legend Tony Hawk ("Zeke and Luther") and NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice ("I'm In The Band").

For the Lopezes, who grew up in Southern California and always loved Disney, it was a no-brainer to do this special event, especially working with the Sprouse twins.

"Those two are great guys," said Brook Lopez, who said he's always loved being a twin. "They actually challenged us to play basketball. They thought they could take us 2-on-2."

Robin Lopez agreed.

"It definitely was a pleasure to do the weekend with those two witty little guys," he said. "As a twin, you sort of understand how other twins operate. Thankfully, I've lived long enough for people to realize that I'm the good twin, while Brook is the evil one."

The sets of twins begin the "Biggest Fan Weekend" starting 11 a.m. Saturday.