Adrian Peterson interviews himself, tries comedy

Tue, Mar 15

Adrian Peterson's on-the-field exploits are commonplace. The 1,000-yard rushing seasons and highlight-reel runs have become standard for one of the league's most explosive players. And aside from a cameo on "Entourage" in 2010, the Vikings running back has remained grounded in football, rarely venturing into the world of comedy.

Until now.

As the third athlete to star in the celebrity Web series "Double Take," Peterson took to the talk-show set to poke fun at himself about his passion for shoes, the trouble he caused in a McDonald's bathroom and whether he is next in line to date a Kardashian. Shaquille O'Neal and Ryan Sheckler starred in the first two episodes.

"It was fun, it was hilarious, it was something different, a new experience for me," Peterson said. "I'm kind of more reserved, but I got out of my shell when I was shooting it. This is a different side of me; it shows that I'm humorous and I'm a funny guy, just some personalities that you normally don't see when I'm talking about football."

If the current NFL lockout persists, perhaps Peterson has a future in comedy. While filming a particular scene about his infamously strong handshake grip, Peterson had the "Double Take" crew cracking up.

"It made me think that maybe I could do something in comedy, to actually get a response from them, guys who weren't supposed to be laughing," he said.

Appearing on the show, produced by Converge and released here on the website of its sponsor, Power Balance, allowed Peterson to showcase his talents, something even his brief appearance with Vince and the gang couldn't accomplish.

"I love 'Entourage' and it was a great experience, but with 'Double Take' it was more personal, just talking," Peterson said. "With 'Entourage,' it was like wham-bam, a few seconds, in and out. But with this one I was able to be direct; it's me. It's more intimate."