Page 2 follows up with bracket champ Bubba Day

Mon, May 9
Bubba DayPurdue University Athletics Bubba Day proudly holds the Page 2 Coolest Name in the NCAA Tournament award at Mackey Arena.

It's been a month since Purdue guard Bubba Day captured the hearts of America by by winning Page 2's Coolest Name in the NCAA Tournament bracket.

So Page 2 reached out to Day to see how he's enjoying the subsequent whirlwind of fame and lifestyle of a rock star. Here's what transpired:

Page 2: In what ways has your life changed after winning such a prestigious award?

Bubba Day plaque
Thomas Neumann/ This plaque absolutely, positively represents a major award.

Day: It's changed in enormous ways. I do get recognized a lot more when I go out or just walking around campus. People and fans will start up conversations with me ... and I actually got to do a commercial for local ESPN radio. That was fun.

[Editor's note: Click here to listen to the commercial, courtesy of ESPN 1450 in Lafayette, Ind.]

How often do co-eds come up and say, "Hey, aren't you Bubba Day, winner of Page 2's Coolest Name in the NCAA Tournament bracket?"

It does happen. I just take it as it comes.

Come on, don't be modest. Surely, it's been a tremendous boon to your love life, right?

Nah, I want a girl who's after something more than just the fame and the jersey and the status.

Does Purdue plan to raise a banner in your honor to the rafters at Mackey Arena?

It only makes sense. I know, previously, they've only done it for All-Americans, but they just might have to make a concession for this one.

Purdue doesn't retire players' numbers. But wouldn't it be appropriate for the school to retire your name?

Of course I'm up for that. I think it would be very appropriate. It would leave a legacy of the name and something for other walk-ons to aspire to.