Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson talks fashion

Wed, Jun 29

Steve Johnson is also known as Stevie Johnson aka Stevie Styles aka Steve Johnson Jr.

Despite being known for many names, the 24-year-old Buffalo Bills receiver has a style of his own.

Popping by ESPN's offices on Wednesday, Johnson was sporting a look that one message board commenter dubbed as akin to Mars Blackmon.

"I prefer to consider my style more of Kanye West," said Johnson, who had 82 receptions for 1,073 yards and 10 touchdowns last season. "I'm a person who isn't just in the suburbs. I'm out in the streets and seeing the fashion of kids today."

After growing up in the San Francisco area, Johnson transferred from a community college to the University of Kentucky and shined on the playing field. In 2007, he blossomed, catching 13 touchdown passes. He was drafted in the seventh round by the Buffalo Bills. His strong work ethic helped him eventually break into the starting lineup.

No matter where he's been, he's always been fly. Now married with two children, he hasn't changed. It's all about the look.

"It's about the attitude and how you wear it, and really not about what you wear," Johnson said. "I'm as happy shopping at Target as I would be at a high-end store."

So check out the video above and look at his clothes. The breakdown:

The glasses. "We all are sporting these frames out in California," he said. "I wear them pretty much all the time."

The shirt. "I got this at Krudmart, a specialty boutique in Buffalo," he said. "I saw this shirt and thought it would look cool to wear."

The shoelaces: "My left shoe is white and my right shoe is turquoise," he said. "I couldn't decide on which one to wear so I wore both."

The backpack (not on camera). "Even before Kevin Durant starting wearing backpacks to press conferences, kids in California were doing them all the time," he said. "The back of mine says 'Hello My Name Is @steviejohnson13.' "

Oh, and for those who wonder about Stevie Styles, check out this rap when he played at the University of Kentucky.