'Roseanne' star Alicia Goranson a huge sports fan

Tue, Aug 2

When actress Alicia Goranson appeared in a foot-fetish clip spoofing Michelle Ryan, the wife of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, a month ago, a lot of viewers were going, "Hmmm, I recognize her, but from where?"

That's because Illinois-raised Goranson, 37, became famous as a teen on the legendary TV show "Roseanne" as Becky Conner.

Goranson left the top-rated show in the fifth season to study English with a concentration in poetry at Vassar College. She made a few return visits to that show and, after graduating college and playing on the school's rugby team, focused her attention on theater.

And she is a bigger sports fan than ever.

Page 2 chatted Lecy up with five questions:

1. How big of a sports fan are you and why did you agree to do this video?

"I am a serious sports fan and sort of have a ticket problem, particularly during basketball season. I'll go to Knicks games alone, usually, and find myself engaging in a 'Spike Lee-on-the-floor' type of behavior. The video was a favor for my good buddy Mitch Bisschop, who wrote and shot it. I've done sport-themed videos with him in the past. We first met in a bar in Brooklyn watching a Bears game. The second time we met was at a bar to watch Opening Day at Wrigley Field. We were virtually wearing the same Cubs home jersey and cap. We still argue about who's the bigger fan (me)".

2. Who are you favorite sports teams and why?

"As we say in Chicago, I'm "Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks." My grandfather, John Sayka, never missed a Cubs game on TV. He's the true inspiration for my extreme fandom. My dad and brother are also pretty extreme. But there must be something in Lake Michigan or the pizza that makes Chicagoans like me fanatical."

3. What have you been up to lately?

"I recently did a short film for the USA Network's Character Project called "Monster Slayer," and am currently doing a few workshops of new off-Broadway plays. Since I graduated from college, my focus has primarily been off-Broadway theater. It's the closest thing I'll get to being in the NBA; I love the live ritual of it."

4. Since you're from Illinois, bigger Chicago fan or New York fan?

"I'm a Chicago fan, but it's hard being in New York without catching a little bit of the local sports bug. In good faith, I can't really like the teams so I just like the players. I think Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson are great and was excited about A-Rod before the city warmed to him. I'm Jeter's age, older by a few days, and he's Midwest so I have to like him. Besides, it's illegal in New York City to not like Jeter. And I think it's cool that the Yanks like to date actresses. I used to live by the Garden and have seen, I'd say, close to 60 Knicks games, probably more."

5. What are some wish lists you'd like to do when it pertains to sports?

"I would like to do spring training with the Cubbies next year (it's always next year with the Cubbies), and sing 'Take Me Out' at Wrigley sometime. I was at Cubs-Red Sox at Fenway this year, as well as Cubs-Yankees at Wrigley. Watching the Cubs beat the Yankees that beautiful day in June gives me a very favorable notion of the afterlife. I also want to sit next to Beyonce on the floor at the new Nets stadium -- wearing a Derrick Rose jersey, of course!