Gives us reasons your town is terrible sports town

Mon, Aug 22

"Misery loves company."

You can count on one thing. Anybody who says that is miserable. If you are really miserable, you get a little relief by knowing somebody else is just as miserable as you. Which raises the question: Is there any place in the world of sports more miserable than Miami?

Our Patrick Dorsey, who lives in South Florida (at least until Miami fans read his story Monday), takes a cold, analytical look at the current Miami sports scene elsewhere on Page 2. He finds Miami lacking. So lacking he suggests Miami may be our "Most Miserable Sports City."

Hey, Seattle? You going to take that lying down? Jacksonville? Cincinnati? My good friends from last week's list at College Station, Texas?

Dorsey's examination of Miami's lack of success is compelling and exhaustive. He even discovers there is a pro hockey team there. But it doesn't mean that misery is centered there. Misery does love company and it can be found all over our fine land. (No, this has nothing to do with unemployment and foreclosures. After all, we're supposed to have fun here.)

So our reader-generated list this week is prompted by Miami's misery but not focused on it. What we want our suggestions to complete this list: "Top 10 Tips It's a Miserable Sports Town." You can be thinking of any place you want. You can be specific or give us a reason for misery that can by found anywhere.

As always, send your suggestions to along with your first name, initial of your last name and you're town (whether it's miserable or not). You have until noon Wednesday to click on "send" and the list will appear here Thursday.

Yes, if you live in Miami, you are invited to play. Nobody should have better suggestions than you although Seattle does have its title to defend.