Help us with possible April Fool's sports pranks

Mon, Mar 26

You know who baseball needs to grab the headlines away from the NFL? Sidd Finch.

Never heard of Sidd? He may be the subject of the greatest all-time April Fool's Day joke ever, which was perpetuated by Sports Illustrated in its April 1985 issue. The cover story was about the discovery of Finch, a rookie pitcher who was going to play for the Mets of all people. He threw an 168-mph fastball after learning how to throw by Tibetan monks.

He didn't exist, of course, having been created by famed author George Plimpton. The amazing thing was that it fooled so many sports fans. After all, nobody that good would sign with the Mets.

Sports is a natural breeding ground for the April First joke as the locker room is the perfect place for them. Last year, for example, the Orlando Magic announced they had traded Dwight Howard to the Oklahoma City Thunder and had re-signed Penny Hardaway. Next year, it might be a joke.

But that's what we want from you this week for our reader-generated list: "Top 10 Possible April Fool's Sports Pranks." What we are looking for are pranks that would be embarrassing to a person or a team. Who are the fools in sports? Surely you can think of one or two. Perhaps the title of a new book or the name of a new reality TV show? Who knows, somebody might actually try to make your suggestion work.

Send your ideas to along with your first name, initial of your last name and your location. Your deadline is noon Wednesday but do it now before you lose the inspiration. The list will appear here Thursday in plenty of time before the First.

And don't bother claiming your Sidd Finch 'cause I'll be watching for that. But Dwight Howard can play.