Uni Watch readies for Nike's NFL uni unveiling

Mon, Apr 2

"The NFL got a new uniform supplier, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

That's the cry currently echoing through the uni-verse, as Nike became the NFL's official uniform outfitter on Sunday but failed to reveal any new uni designs in advance of Tuesday's league-wide unveiling.

There had been chatter -- or maybe just wishful thinking -- that some teams would showcase their new jersey designs at midnight on Saturday, when Nike's contract with the league went into effect. Instead, lots of Nike-branded T-shirts and related merch suddenly became available, but the new uni designs were kept under wraps.

The new uniforms will be showcased at a media event scheduled for 11 a.m. ET on Tuesday. Uni Watch will have full coverage throughout the day, both on Page 2 and on the Uni Watch Twitter feed.

It remains to be seen just how different a Nike-fied NFL will look. Some fans have predicted wild designs, but it's worth remembering that Nike is ultimately just a vendor supplying service to a client, and in this case the clients are the NFL owners, who are some of America's most conservative businessmen. So while some changes will no doubt take place, the odds of a wide-ranging NFL redesign seem slim.

Or at least that's Uni Watch's take. But Nike has surprised us before, so there's still an element of suspense. As we await the Tuesday unveiling, here's what we know so far:

• The Panthers have a new logo and wordmark.

• The Dolphins will once again have an orange alternate jersey.

• The Jags will apparently have a black alternate jersey. (The two jerseys on the left end of the rack are reportedly practice jerseys, so don't get too excited about those.)

• The Seahawks are apparently tweaking their logo and are expected to make uniform revisions as well.

As for the other 28 teams, we'll find out by midday Tuesday. But one thing's certain: The Browns aren't getting a helmet logo. Probably.