May 19, 2004
Mr. Perfect
Randy Johnson:

Wow! Oldest pitcher to throw perfect game. Better: Gammons said he could pitch another *3* seasons.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

If KG doesn't lead the T'wolves to a Game 7 win tonight over the Kings, he is an MVP flop -- but only in the same way MJ was overrated until his Bulls finally toppled the Pistons.

Give the Kings the edge, despite playing on the road: They have been in a win-or-go-home Game 7 before (a few, actually); this is KG and the T'wolves' first try at this level.

Think KG is keyed up? Monday's unfortunate tirade was as much an illustration of frazzled nerves as an ill-conceived metaphor. The only thing between Big Ticket and big breakdown seems to be big-game teammates Cassell and Sprewell.

For future reference: That's the ongoing historical theme of the NBA playoffs; teams have to be KO'ed -- usually brutally -- before they learn what it takes to win.

Pay attention, Kevin Garnett:
For future reference.

Big Unit: Perfect
Season of the 40-Something?
40-year-old Big Unit:
Best single-game performance

41-year-old Roger Clemens:
Best pitcher in MLB in '04

Turns-40-in-8-weeks B. Bonds:
Most feared hitter (still)

40-year-old Karl Malone:
About to win long-awaited ring

40-year-old Brad Pitt:
Leads box office with "Troy"

How to explain it? All share the same qualities -- the wisdom of "experience" (read: age), combined with the ultra-physical conditioning regimen of younger men.

Good Samaritan who returned Reds P Danny Graves' wallet
Expos: Win 4th straight, over bandwagon-ish Brewers
Shrek: Forget Pitt; ogre is biggest movie star around
Atlanta Braves: Who needs A/C? Whiff 31 times in 2 games
Plax Burress: Off to *super* start; no-show for workout
Sammy Sosa: Sneezin' Sammy is heading to the DL (back)
Pacers Bounce Heat
Miami had morphed into a tougher place to play than either Detroit or New Jersey, so don't underestimate the value of Indiana finally winning there -- and taking that confidence into the next round.

But let's be clear: The Pacers don't need to win on the road; with home-court advantage over both the Pistons and the Nets, all the Pacers have to do is hold serve at home, where they were best in the East by a solid margin (34-7 vs. Detroit's 31-10) and have lost just twice in the last three months.

Schmidt's Near No-No
When is one-hitter not news? When it's thrown on the same night as a perfect game. Pity Jason Schmidt (13 Ks), but pity the hapless Cubs hitters more. (Catch the Giants and Cubs tonight, 8:05, ESPN2.)

Bachelor Finale
Today's office-pool game: Which of "Bachelor" Jesse Palmer's relationships will last longer ...

The romantic relationship with whichever clone finalist he selects (Tara vs. favorite Jessica B) in tonight's season finale?

Or his career relationship with the New York Giants?

Even in a world where reality-TV romances are measured in anniversary weeks -- years? Ha! -- take "Jess" over "Jints."

Colorado scandal

Despite finding "systemic failings," no heads to roll. Investigators fail the system -- by letting CU prez, AD, coach off the hook.
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Tampa Bay Lightning moves one step closer to denying Philly fans (yet again) a trip to a championship series ...

Re: Garnett's apology: For once, instead of "I'm sorry if I offended anyone," I'd like to hear "I'm sorry for being an idiot" ...

Breakout star of the NBA Playoffs: Rookie Dwyane Wade (24 last night), who, like 'Melo, is as worthy of the Olympic team as LeBron ...

File away until October: The Angels beat the Yankees 1-0 in 11 innings in Anaheim; Jeter with his usual oh-fer effort ...

Sight for sore arms (and eyes): Kerry Wood throwing off the mound, said he felt no pain ...

Grizzlies' Jerry West named NBA Exec of the Year; isn't it about time they just named the award after him? ...

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