Uni Watch evaluates baseball changes

Originally Published: November 16, 2011
By Paul Lukas | Page 2

The period between the end of the World Series and Thanksgiving has become the prime season for MLB teams to unveil new uniforms, mainly so they can get the new gear in stores in time for holiday shopping. Here's a quick rundown of the teams that have announced their updates for 2012 -- some subtle, some drastic -- over the past week:



The main change is that they've simplified the road uniform. More traditional? For sure. But what's the point of going traditional when your visual heritage is loaded with endearingly wacky designs? Traditionalism just isn't a good fit for certain teams, and this is one of them. For a much more detailed analysis, look here.



Speaking of teams that shouldn't look traditional, the Marlins will look a whole lot snazzier in 2012. Would I want this kind of design for every team? Nope. But for a team in south Florida, it works just fine -- I like. For a more detailed breakdown, look here.



Dig it: The cartoon bird is back on the caps! That's just one element from the O's excellent set of uniform tweaks and revisions. There's a new orange alternate jersey, an improved road jersey, and did I mention that the cartoon bird is back? I'm gonna keep on mentioning it, because it's the coolest news to come out of Baltimore since the launch of "The Wire." For the full scoop, look here.



Halle-freakin'-lujah -- the accused black drop-shadow that has infested the team's uniforms for over a decade has been banished! Even better, the Amazin's will be going back to wearing blue caps and sleeves on the road. Groovy new 50th-anniversary logo, too. Get the full scoop here.

Not a bad week, right? And there's more to come. The Blue Jays will unveil their new uni set Friday (we already know what the logo will look like) and the Royals are set to make an announcement next Tuesday. Word through the grapevine is that their powder blue alternate jersey may be getting a set of matching pants. Now that would be something to give thanks for as we approach Turkey Day.

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