Many Super Bowl commercials are out

Originally Published: February 1, 2012
By Kelley Carter | Page 2

As usual, potty trips will be frowned upon during Super Bowl Sunday's commercial breaks -- the time when the men on Madison Avenue (women too!) pull out the big creative stops, all in hopes of winning the game of advertising dominance.

But you don't have to wait until Sunday to see every ad. Some are already here, while others are still generating buzz. Here's our preview/review:

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One of the top spots of 2011 was the heartwarming, super-cute VW commercial featuring the little boy who tried to use The Force. "Star Wars" and VW are back together with "The Bark Side," this time featuring dogs "singing" a familiar tune in the preview and then the whole new video.


Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Actor Matthew Broderick also is back, playing himself and giving a nod to his iconic role as Ferris Bueller in a Honda CR-V ad. He's a grown-up now, naturally, skipping out on work while palling around not in a Ferrari, but a slightly more adult-appropriate vehicle.


After releasing the hounds last year, Audi is going all Twilight on the competition; its spot happens at a vampire party and highlights the car's signature (and uber-bright, right vamps?) LED headlights.


Chevy held a contest and the winning ad, "Chevy Happy Grad," was submitted by a 26-year-old Long Island guy. So far, his ad had more than 32 million total online views -- just between Dec. 22 and Jan. 14.

Pepsi Max

Pepsi Max fires the latest round in a playful, ongoing battle with Coke Zero, showing a delivery guy for the former cheating on his brand by purchasing the latter. The spot also features longtime (and newly retired) TV personality Regis Philbin.


It's Jerry Seinfeld vs. Jay Leno -- with a side order of Soup Nazi, to boot!


As usual, polar bears will do anything for an ice cold Coke -- even attempting a difficult, frozen catch (in impeccable, big-screen level animation, no less).


Wife tells man to go get a sled. Man instead gets an awesome new car. It's pretty funny. And furry.


David Beckham and his tattoos are posing in some menswear. We think the fashion discount retailer is trying to tell us that they have manly clothes for the manly man, but all we're thinking is: Soccer does a body good.


The car company decides to reinvent a couch. And a baby. And a DMV (there's putt-putt golf in there). And the Camry. It's actually a pretty smart and witty spot, too.

Go Daddy

Two hot women (Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels) paint on the naked body of another hot woman. We think they're selling dot-com domains, but … does much else need to be said here?

Dannon Oikos

Football and yogurt? Doesn't seem natural. But the spot features John Stamos (you already can see a preview), so you better believe the ladies should stay seated for this one.


Best Buy

Last year nearly everyone squealed when the electronics superstore featured an ad with teen heart throb Justin Bieber and legendary rock god Ozzy Osbourne. Can they top themselves this year?


Over the years, we've come to love the M&M guys in each and every ad campaign they've been a part of ("They do exist!" Santa Claus proclaimed in one famous spot). On Sunday, the candy maker reveals a sixth character, Ms. Brown, who is ready for her close-up.


This actually makes sense when you think about it: Launch your Valentine's Day campaign in the middle of the Super Bowl. That's actually what flower company Teleflora is doing on Sunday. Even smarter? Hire supermodel Adriana Lima to star in it.

Kelley L. Carter is an entertainment and pop culture freelance journalist.

Kelley L. Carter is an Emmy-winning entertainment journalist who has written for publications including USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press, Vibe and Essence magazines. She also regularly provides expert pop culture and entertainment commentary for outlets including CNN, E! and the TV Guide Channel.