S.C. runner ticketed for running too fast

Originally Published: April 1, 2010
By Joe Farris | Special to Page 2

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Local university sprint champion Allison Bick can add a ridiculous distinction to her growing list of accomplishments as a college track star -- illegally running too fast.

For many, the thought of being cited for being too fast would be flattering, but for Bick, who has never had a traffic violation or a ticket of any kind, being labeled a rule breaker is a serious matter.

"I respect the law. My father was a Police Sergeant, " said a still-shocked Bick, who has yet to crack a smile over the citation. "When the policeman stopped me, I was like, are you joking?"

Officer Randy Clifton made it clear that this was indeed no laughing matter.

"My job is to control the speed in a given area," said Clifton, who has been receiving hate mail since the incident. "I understand Ms. Bick is a top athlete but she was going nearly 30 (mph) in a 15 mph school zone and putting lives in danger."

No human has been clocked over 28 miles per hour, meaning that according to Officer Clifton's account, Bick could likely be the fastest human on the planet. Nevertheless, Bick still refuses to see the silver lining in the incident.

"I had just gotten a new pair of Nike Air Max running shoes and was doing some interval training," said Bick. "I wasn't trying to break the law."

Bick will contest the charges in front of the county judge next month. Until then, she intends to keep her training on the track.

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