2010 proving to be year of the 'Dougie'

Originally Published: August 16, 2010
By Vincent Thomas | Special to Page 2

Earlier this year, in the New Orleans Saints' divisional playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals, Reggie Bush Houdini'd his way out of a lineman/linebacker traffic jam and then toasted Arizona's secondary for a 46-yard touchdown that maybe six or seven other backs could pull off. So, inevitably, he had to celebrate with a dance, right? Duh. He chose to Dougie.

Dougie cliff's notes story reads like this: A few years before Bush's hurried, somewhat awkward Dougie rendition, the dance was bubbling in Dallas. It was named after legendary rapper-performer Dougie Fresh, borrowing from the way he, for the past 25 years, runs his hands over his head and dips and leans his shoulders in 'n' out doing his patented dance.

Then one day, a So-Cal expatriate returned from attending Texas Southern and put four of his Inglewood homeboys onto the dance. Rapper/DJ C-Smoove, rappers Yung and JayAre and dancer M-Bone (all 19-year-olds) formed Cali Swag District. CSD then recorded the song "Teach Me How To Dougie" and taped a guerilla-style video on the streets of L.A. in the summer of 2009. Then the video and dance went viral on YouTube.

When M-Bone saw Bush's end zone dance, "I couldn't believe it," he said. "I watched it on YouTube like 40 times."

"A lot of people watch football, so that was big," Smoove understated. But when guys like Steve Nash started tweeting it, Smoove said he knew "it really crossed over."

Most years have corresponding street-dance crazes. The Cabbage Patch ran '87. The 69 Boyz had everyone Tootsee Rolling in '94. Nelly helped spread the Midwest's Chicken Head dance across the nation in 2002.

2001? Harlem Shake. Once a dance becomes a go-to touchdown celebration and athletes start spending offseason downtime making home videos of said dance, well, it's part of the zeitgeist.

Dwight Howard put the sports-world stamp on Soulja Boy's Superman at the 2008 NBA dunk contest. The next year, Nate Robinson broke out the Stanky Leg to punctuate one of his dunks, and then Kevin Garnett did it the next day during his All-Star pregame introduction.

2010 belongs to the Dougie.

CSD officially released the song in April. Since then, it's climbed to No. 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with a bullet and it probably won't stop. The official video dropped in May and, 5 million views later, CSD calls it "a movement."

The Dougie has really collided with sports over the past few weeks. You had rookie Dez Bryant doing the Dougie at the Cowboys' training camp kickoff party. Sacramento Kings rookies DeMarcus Cousins and Hassan Whiteside weren't the only cats "hittin' that Dougie" during the NBA's Las Vegas Summer League; they were just the only two caught on camera getting it in during a layup-line.

And then, of course, there's Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Robinson -- the NBA's self-proclaimed Shrek and Donkey -- posting dueling videos within weeks of each other. Nate's had some production value to it. Baby's video -- taped in a dim room, in front of his webcam -- was of the high school variety.

Hey, players get bored during the offseason, ya know? Last summer, Stephon Marbury chose to keep himself entertained by eating Vaseline and crying to gospel songs; this summer, cats are doing the Dougie.

Vincent Thomas is an and SLAM magazine columnist and a frequent commentator on NBA TV and ESPN. You can follow him on Twitter @vincecathomas or e-mail him at

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