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SportsNation: Damon's hair
Has Johnny let his tresses grown too long? Is he showing disrespect for the game? Or is it just ... hair. Vote at SportsNation.

  • Neel: I love Damon's hair!
  • Caple: Johnny the Baptist
  • George Steinbrenner once benched Don Mattingly because his hair was too long. For years, the Cincinnati Reds had a strict dress code policy allowing no facial hair. Moustaches disappeared from baseball for about 70 years after the turn of the century, until Felipe Alou and Dick Allen started sporting them in 1970. The 1975 Brewers were notorious for Fu Manchu moustaches from the likes of Robin Yount, Gorman Thomas, George Scott and others.

    But while that Brewers squad may battle the Swingin' A's of the '70s and the 2004 Red Sox for special teamwide distinction, none of their Fu-Manchud players make it onto Page 2's All-Time All-Hair Baseball Team.

    Johnny DamonManny Ramirez
    Johnny Damon
    Manny Ramirez
    How many infield singles will he lose due to wind drag?
    And you thought Manny was the strange one.

    Jeff BagwellJason Giambi
    Jeff Bagwell
    Jason Giambi
    Luckily, no killer bees ever built a hive in Bagwell's goatee.
    And then he signed with the Yankees and lost his personality.

    Randy JohnsonMike Piazza
    Randy Johnson
    Mike Piazza
    With a mullet like that, you'd think Randy had grown up in Canada.
    Hey, you can't have a team without a catcher.

    Sammy SosaAl Hrabosky
    Sammy Sosa
    Al Hrabosky
    Before he discoverd cork, Sammy believed he got his power from his hair.
    Now you know why they called him the "Mad Hungarian."

    Bud SeligPete Rose
    Bud Selig
    Pete Rose
    As owner of the Brewers, Bud was a little chintzy on his payroll. Which explains the "Supercuts" haircut.
    Crew cut, bowl cut, spiked cut ... three strikes and you're out, Pete.

    Jim KernBake McBride
    Jim Kern
    Bake McBride
    You may remember Jim as the third farmer on the right in "Missing."
    Bake's big hair meant he was the last player to play without a batting helmet.

    Oscar GambleRoss Grimsley
    Oscar Gambe
    Ross Grimsley
    Gamble's official hat size in 1977: 10 3/4.
    Ahh, baseball in the early '80s: cocaine, bad uniforms and the white-man 'fro.

    Rollie FingersKing Kelly
    Rollie Fingers
    King Kelly
    Who can forget the '72 Series, when Rollie's A's played the clean-shaven Reds? It was billed as the Hairs vs. the Squares.
    The guy who sold scorecards for the New York Gothams said Kelly's big moustache was proof the Boston club was a bunch of losers.