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OK, so what's the deal with beach volleyball?

In an Olympics that plays to empty venues, this is the only sport that always seems to sell out.

And while some sports get passing coverage in the medal rounds, NBC shows every serve, spike and set of beach volleyball.

Hmmm ...

Well, this is exactly what Page 2 is here for -- and we're going to find out what all the buzz is about.

Sure, we've been known to throw out some Anna K. pics and a Jennie Finch close-up now and again. But this time, we're going to be objective and leave the decision up to you.

Here's the deal: We'll put beach volleyball up against some tough competition, and you tell us ... what would you rather watch?

Beach VolleyballBadminton
Beach Volleyball
A bad day at the beach is better than a great day anywhere else; so even before the first serve, there's definitely an edge.
Yes, it's the only sport going where you can throw a word like "shuttlecock" around. But does that make you want to TiVo it? Tough call.