Red Bull Soapbox Race takes L.A.

Originally Published: June 23, 2011
By Cary Chow | Special to Page 2

LOS ANGELES -- Grown men in Care Bear costumes driving a cloud with wheels. Angry Birds from the iPhone app firing feathers. Radio host/comedian Adam Carolla racing a hot dog wiener. This is the ingenuity that marks the Red Bull Soapbox Race, a.k.a. one of the most efficient uses of time outside baseball rain delay skits.

More than 115,000 spectators flooded the streets of downtown Los Angeles recently to watch 34 eccentric teams race human-powered vehicles down a course with steep drops, jumps and a 90-degree turn, which left many in its wake, including Carolla.

Creativity and crashes dominated the day. Team "Hold On To Yo Butts" co-driver Andrew Cook was ejected from his "Jurassic Park"-themed Jeep after rolling over. "Justin Beaver" driver Dee Dee Miller flipped after a giant beaver head with Justin Bieber's hairdo flew into her face.

Ultimately, life-sized versions of Nike's Most Valuable Puppets, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and even Pau Gasol rode the "Lakers FanWagon" off to the grand prize, a Red Bull Racing NASCAR experience. The team, driver Christopher Moreno and "mechanics" Hector Catalan, Vienna To and Jose Moreno, will get to tour the pits and meet Red Bull Racing drivers before watching a NASCAR race.

Since 2000, the Red Bull Soapbox Race has been held in nearly 30 countries.

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