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1. Should Major League Baseball have a salary cap?:

PRO: Because baseball's luxury tax doesn't do enough to create an equal playing field for all teams, a hard salary cap is needed. This season, three teams began the year with payrolls over $100 million -- the Yankees, Red Sox and Angels. All three made the playoffs. Coincidence? Of course not. The Brewers had an Opening Day payroll of $27 million. This is fair? Isn't sports all about playing under the same rules to see which team is best? Baseball teams don't compete under the same rules.

CON: A salary cap isn't an attempt to create fair play among teams -- it's a limit on player salaries, pure and simple. And that's simply un-American. There is no evidence it will create more competitive balance. In fact, that already exists -- the A's have baseball's best record over the past five years, the Twins have made the playoffs three straight years, the Cardinals play in one of baseball's smallest markets. Teams like the Angels who re-invest their money into payroll instead of the owner's pockets prove you can compete with the big boys. And don't forget the Yankees will be paying about $70 million this year in luxury tax and revenue sharing. And remember: there is no correlation between player salaries and ticket prices. One won't drop just because the other did.